New Product Development

From innovative concept to polished finished product, refining all aspects of the NPD process

Successful new products are essential for survival

New product launches can be costly, time-consuming and risky, with more new products failing than succeeding. Yet, introducing new product offerings is vital in ensuring continued business growth and competitive advantage. At Nailed On Research, we’re here to help you make informed decisions based on actual market opportunity and consumer insights, working with you to bring your product to life.

"The greatest risk is not the development of a new product, but the development of customers and markets"

From idea, to prototype, to scaling up for seamless commercial manufacture, we’ll help you to get your product to market faster, cheaper and more successfully. Whether you’re looking for start-to-finish assistance or an expert to work alongside your in-house team, we’ll utilise years of experience within New Product Development. 

Generating ideas by uncovering unmet consumer needs with in-depth market research
Performing concept screening techniques to gauge potential audience response
Analysing all aspects of the marketing mix to highlight any potential barriers to success
Helping you to minimise risks and allocate investment and resources wisely
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Our New Product Development service in a nutshell

 The connection between market research and developing successful, customer-facing products is irrefutable wherever you are in the product lifecycle, whether you’re altering an existing product, adding to a current product line or creating an entirely new product. Rather than focusing on your product in isolation, our New Product Development research also covers packaging, delivery, reputation and other peripherals, helping you to identify key issues and avoid expensive mistakes.

New Idea Generation

Gain access to insights about your audience and any unfulfilled consumer needs with our bespoke trend research, assisting you in generating tailored and proactive concepts.


Concept Screening

Identifying potentially successful and feasible concepts early on in the NPD process, we'll help you to focus your resources on the new concepts that are most worth pursuing, with the greatest probability of success.

Product Testing

Vital for gauging consumer response to your new product, we'll carry out extensive sensory and product testing to identify areas for improvement.


Branding & Packaging

Critical to new product success, assessing and evaluating consumer sentiment towards your branding and packaging is an important step for projecting the right image to your target audience.